In the place whre is located the Golf Course Sokolov there was at the beginning of the 20th century the village Horni Rrychnov. In the year 1939 the village began disappear when the coal mine Silvester was opend and the first quantity of coal was extracted. The mining aktivity of Silvestr finished in the year 1981. The company Sokolovská uhelná bulit the golf course on its ground as an exemplary project which followed the reclamation of the land after brown coal mining. The appearance of the golf course was designed between years 2002 and 2003 by the company Städler Golf Courses. The golf academy was opened in the spring 2005 and it includes roofed driving range and training putting greens and chipping green. The background of the course began in the summer 2005 and boasts a Club House with a reception, a restaurant and a bar, VIP longe, a summer terrace, a room for club members, a pro-shop, offices,  locker rooms and parking. The golf course has been played since the autumn 2005 but the opening ceremony took place on 28th September 2006. With its parameters, design and quality is classified among the golf jewels of masterpiece courses in the Czech Republick and among the visitors is very popular and most of them returns to play the course again.